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Each ethnic community has distinctive dishes that match the flavor profile of their people. The Ika people take pride in our delicacies since it fills the body with nutrition while contributing to the establishment of our cultural identity. We invite everyone to try the dishes below and appreciate our culture through taste.

i. Ukpa (Black Walnut)

Photo by: https://ng.opera.news/ng/en/food/31d85eeafa9bfb21cff9d50c6673455e

ii. Ukpo Ukpaka or Ihiehie or Mai Mai (Moi Moi)

Ukpo ukpaka
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/

iii. Akara

Photo by: https://www.afrizar.com/blog-detail/akara

iv. Akara Ne Akamu (Akara and Corn Pap)

Akara ne akamu
Photo by: https://www.wivestownhallconnection.com/home-made-akara-balls

v. Ofe Nsala (White Soup)

Ofe nsala
Photo by: https://guardian.ng/life/how-to-make-ofe-nsala-white-soup/

vi. Ofe Ogili (Egusi Soup)

Ofe ogili
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/soups/nigerian-egusi-soup-festive/

vii. Ofe Ogbono (Ogbono Soup)

Ofe ogbono
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/soups/ogbono-soup-recipe/

viii. Ofe Okwulu or Ofe Okuru (Okra Soup)

Ofe okwulu
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/soups/okra-okro-soup/

ix. Ofe Mkpa Akwukwo (Vegetable Soup)

Ofe mkpa akwukwo
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/soups/vegetable-soup-recipe/

x. Ofe Ujuju

Ofe Ujuju
The Recipe as provided by: https://ng.opera.news/ng/en/food/834469872db1a24ed183c627595b5699


“Ujuju leaf”, Water, Assorted meat, Fresh and Smoked fish, Snail, Crayfish, Mushroom, Pepper, Onion, Salt, “ogiri-ofe”, Palm oil and Stock fish.

Method of preparation:

  1. Pluck the “ujuju” leaf
  2. Parboil “ujuju” leaf with salt, mash and keep aside.
  3. Cut meat to size, season, and boil.
  4. When the meat is 90% cooked, add your washed fish, stock fish, snail, and cover the pot.
  5. Add your pepper, crayfish, onion, mushroom, salt, for taste add Maggi, “ogiri-ofe”, palm oil and cover for ten minutes.
  6. Add the mashed “ujuju’ leaves and stir, then allow to boil for seven minutes.
  7. Ready for serve.

Best served with pounded yam, garri, or corn meal.

i.Any of the following can be used with any of the soups

A. Eba

Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/fufu-recipes/

B. Nni ji (Pounded Yam)

Nni ji
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/fufu-recipes/

C. Ukpoka (Cornmeal)

Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/fufu-recipes/corn-fufu/

D. Nni akpu (Cassava fufu)

Nni akpu
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/fufu-recipes/

E. Osikapa (Rice)

Osikapa ne Ofe osikapa (Rice and stew)

Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/rice/white-rice/

F. Ofe Osikapa (Stew)

Ofe Osikapa
Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/stews/beef-and-chicken-stew/

G. Osikapa (Jollof Rice)

Photo by: https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/rice/nigerian-jollof-rice/

H. Manya Ozu or Manya Nkwu Enu (Palm Wine) – A stable drink for all traditional occasions

Manya Ozu
Photo by: https://motherlandsfinest.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/the-elixir-that-is-palm-wine/